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How To Choose The Right Podiatrist for You

We all know how it starts.  You have a foot problem and talk to your friends, family or perhaps health professional about it and you get the response “Maybe you should see a Podiatrist?”

That’s great advice, but how do you pick the podiatrist that is right for you?  What differentiates a good podiatrist from an average podiatrist?  To this end I have devised the 3T Model for choosing the right podiatrist for you.

What is the 3T Model?  The 3T model is a simple paradigm that you can use to ensure the podiatrist you want to see, or the podiatrist you currently see is the correct one for you.  It will allow for you to ask those questions which will ultimately maximise your health outcomes.

The first T is Training

All podiatrists in Australia have completed a  three or four year Bachelor Degree from a major university.  However, this basic training does not make podiatrists all the same.  It is important to understand that there are podiatrists that have special training and skills in different areas, such as sports podiatry, high risk management, paediatrics and surgery.  You need to ask when you make contact with the podiatrist what extra training, skills or experience they have with regard to your problem to ensure the best outcomes for you.

The second T is Techniques

Put simply the more techniques at a podiatrist’s disposal the greater the chance they have of fixing your problem.  The reality is no two people are the same and not everyone responds to the same treatment regime. The more strings a podiatrist has to their treatment bow the better it is for you.  In many cases a combination of treatments is required to ensure the best health outcomes.  My advice, do your research and ensure that the podiatrist has at least a couple of options for treating your problem.

The final T is Total

By this I mean your podiatrist takes a Total Approach.  You are not a foot and leg but a whole person.  Your podiatrist needs to understand you and the pressures that you may have in your life such as family or work, and ensure that your treatment plan fits you.  In addition, there are many foot and leg issues that have drivers higher up the body at the level of the hips and lower back that may need to be addressed.  If your podiatrist doesn’t understand this and have a strong referral network to ensure you get these other contributing factors addressed, you won’t maximise your health outcomes.

We pride ourselves on having a team of podiatrists who have a variety of skills across all aspects of podiatry and are confident that we can help you find the solution to your problem.