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We Now Offer Swift Wart Treatment!

Having trouble fighting off those stubborn warts? We now offer Swift wart treatment!

Have you got a stubborn wart on the underside of your foot?
Great news! We now offer a new treatment option for warts.

AC Podiatry have recently invested in a Swift. This is the latest technology used for treating warts. It works fantastically on those stubborn long term warts or for patients with a lowered immune system where the wart virus does not respond to other treatment methods.

How does it work?

The Swift  produces microwaves which penetrate the wart tissue to a predetermined depth, with no lateral splay of energy, therefore not damaging surrounding tissue. Microwaves will not break the surface of the skin and destroy tissues like some other wart treatments do. The treatment is completely safe as the non-ionising radiation cannot cause damage to DNA of living things. This treatment will facilitate the immune system to recognise HPV (Human Papillomavirus – i.e. the wart virus), via transforming the virally infected cells into a state of stress through heating the tissue to 42-45°C. This will cause the wart to release proteins into the circulatory system, stimulating the immune system to recognise the virus and start to fight it off.

Advantages of Swift over other wart treatments

  • Swift treatment has been shown to have predictable outcomes and there is a strong body of evidence to support its success.
  • No mess! Unlike so many wart treatments that require a lot of messy debridement, bleeding of the lesion, applying various liquids or pastes
  • No dressings needed!
  • Less frequent treatments makes it more convenient than the typical daily or weekly wart treatments
  • Fast treatment. Treatment is done in a simple 30 minute consult. However the treatment itself will only last 10-12 seconds per wart.
  • Pain relief post-treatment

How many treatments are required?

Generally, 3 appointments, 4 weeks apart and a final follow up appointment 12 weeks later, are required. For particularly stubborn or large warts, an additional treatment may be necessary before the final 12 week follow up.

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