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Pointe Assessments

Are you prepared to move en pointe?

As a dancer, you’ve probably admired ballet dancers moving en pointe and have longed for going along with them.
But are you unsure about whether you’re prepared to move in such a way? Assuming this is the case, your dance instructor may have recommended for you to get a pre-pointe assessment…

Here’s how your podiatrist can get you there…

What is a pre-pointe evaluation?

A pre-pointe evaluation is a physical evaluation performed by a podiatrist to decide how best to prepare you to begin pointe work. Moving en pointe places immense physical demands on a dancers feet and body, meaning injuries can rapidly and easily develop in the event that you don’t have adequate strength, joint flexibility and method. A pre-pointe assessment distinguishes issues that must be addressed to keep you away from injury.

What does a Ballet Pre-pointe Assessment include?

A Ballet pre-pointe assessment involves both a physical evaluation, a functional assessment, alongside dance and injury history. The Physical assessments address your joint range of movement and strength, which will allow our podiatrists to identify your suitability for pointe work and risk of injury.

The Functional evaluation comprises of tests that challenge your entire body, and include dance specific movements. These tests give us a good insight of your coordination, balance and control, which are all fundamental for you to have to remain on the small base that a pointe shoe gives.

By the end of your assessment, you will have a detailed understanding of what is required to begin pointe work or how your podiatrist can assist in the process to get you in a suitable state to begin pointe.

In the event that it’s been suggested, or need to have a pre-pointe assessment to evaluate your appropriateness for moving en-pointe, you can make a booking by calling us at AC podiatry.

We would love to partner and prepare you for this challenging but exciting step in your dance training!

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