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Plantar Fibroma Treatment and Symptoms


Are you experiencing pain or discomfort from a lump under the arch of your foot?

It is likely you’re experiencing what is called a plantar fibroma.

A plantar fibroma is a benign growth that appears along with the plantar fascia tissue which connects the ball of your foot to your heel. It will often present itself as a small lump under the arch of the foot. A plantar fibroma can affect everyone differently.

A plantar fibroma can start as a small lump at first with little to no discomfort experienced however, pain or discomfort can develop if the lump grows bigger or external pressure is applied. External pressure can include friction from wearing shoes, walking for an extended period of time or standing for long periods while bare foot.

Plantar fibroma and plantar fascia skeletal image

Plantar fibroma’s are believed to draw from genetics and require professional treatment to be resolved.

How do you treat Plantar Fibroma?

There are various treatment options for plantar fibroma’s and your podiatrist can help you to resolve the pain and discomfort you may be experiencing.

Some of these treatment options may include:

  • Topical treatment
  • Steroid injections
  • Orthotics
  • Physical Therapy
  • Laser treatment (there is not currently a strong body of research to support this however, there have been excellent clinical results)

Be sure to discuss all options and possible risks with your podiatrist prior to undergoing any of these forms of treatment to ensure you choose the most suitable treatment option for you and receive the best care possible.

Got any questions? Your podiatrist will be happy to help you!

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