COVID-19 Podiatrist Update

COVID-19 Podiatrist Update

Our podiatry practice will remain OPEN until further notice.

Our highest priority is keeping our patients and staff healthy and safe through this difficult time. We have implemented some changes to our consulting processes in order to achieve this.
  • To minimise people in the waiting area, we ask that you arrive on time (not early) and attend only with essential others- eg. carers
  • We are increasing our hygiene practices, by using alternate practice rooms.  This ensures the room is thoroughly cleaned and left empty for at least 15 minutes between appointments
  • We have antibacterial hand gel, gloves and paper towel available for your use and  are constantly wiping down all surfaces with antibacterial wipes
  • We are also encouraging contactless payment and keeping our front door open to reduce your contact with surfaces
If you have any questions or concerns, please call us on 8255 5575

Podiatrists are here to help during this public health crisis

The AC Podiatry team is here to assist the wider community through COVID-19, and will remain open as an essential service until circumstances no longer allow. With this we are hoping to help with reducing the stress on our Emergency Departments, GPs and hospitals.

Some examples of ways we can do this is by you choosing to access our expertise in the following:

1. Foot and ankle injuries, eg. sprains, strains and fractures

We can assess your injury and refer you directly for bulk billed X-rays and ultrasounds. We also have access to a full size stock of “moon boots” and ankle braces. Alongside this, the AC Podiatry team are foot and ankle experts and can advise you on acute care and rehabilitation of your injury.

2. Ingrown toenails

We can offer relief of ingrown toenails through conservative and surgical treatment. It is important to act on these sooner rather than later to prevent infection or worsening of the condition and therefore pain.

3. Wound management

All of our podiatrists are trained in high risk wound care, and can keep on top of the assessment and management of your wound.
For a full list of services please visit our website at
Please consider using our services at this time, rather than using our public hospital emergency department.
Call us on (08) 8255 5575 to secure your appointment now
Alternatively, hit the link above to book online at your next convenience