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With a team of dynamic and highly skilled health professionals in 8 clinics across Adelaide and into the Clare Valley, we can help fix your pain fast.


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Choosing a podiatrist to help you with your foot and leg pain can be really difficult. How do I know they will help me? What questions do I need to ask? Andrea shares his 3T model for choosing the right podiatrist. You will get the information you need to make that decision correctly and avoid delays getting your problem fixed.

Multi Disciplinary Approach

By understanding that in many cases a team approach is required to fix the foot or leg problem and having a strong referral network, we will work with other health care professionals to get you fixed as soon as possible.

Total Approach

By taking the time to understand you as an individual and everything that includes, from work/life pressures to weaknesses and issues in the rest of your body that may contribute to your foot and leg problem, we can tailor a treatment plan that works for you.

Because We Care

At AC Podiatry you will never be treated as a number and your needs will always be placed first. We will place you at the centre of your treatment plan and you will be involved with every part of your treatment journey.

Gold Standard Treatment

With a commitment to our craft and our investment in world’s best technology, you can feel confident that you will receive the best podiatry care available.

Hassle Free Process

With a friendly and professional reception team, online booking, one central phone number, SMS and phone reminders, and regular recalls, we take all the hassle out of making appointments and remembering when it is time to get the care you deserve.


With 8 connected clinics across Adelaide and into the Clare Valley offering evening appointments, we make it easy to find a time and place to suit you.

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  • Fungal Nails

    AC Podiatry is passionate about bringing the best possible care to our patients. In line with this philosophy we have invested in the new gold standard for treating discoloured toenails.

  • Paediatric/Children Care

    AC Podiatry has a strong clinical interest in helping children overcome developmental issues that may cause significant problems in later life.

  • Sports Injuries

    The podiatrists at AC Podiatry use Dynamic Assessments to better understand how your body functions in movement rather than using the traditional Static approach.

  • Heel Pain

    Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy is an effective treatment modality used to treat chronic musculoskeletal pathologies. Long standing heel pain? This could be the answer.

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