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Fungal Nail Treatment Adelaide—Our Treatments and Medication

Diagnosing and Treating your Nail Infection

Have you been looking for a fungal nail treatment Adelaide to restore the health of your nails? Fungal infections are among the harder conditions to treat. The longer the problem goes untreated, the more it will escalate over time. Infected nails will typically appear thickened, discoloured, brittle, and will often separate slightly from the nail bed. They can pose major discomfort, particularly when wearing enclosed shoes. A fungal infection might be caused by injury, warts, poor circulation, or tight and ill fitted shoes. We treat this problem in a range of different ways, which is generally determined by the severity of your infection. We offer anti-fungal applications, laser therapy and nail surgery to remedy your infected nails. Our laser therapy in particular has proven popular and can effectively remove the infection after two to three 40-minute sessions. Chat to us about the right fungal nail treatment in Adelaide for you!

Things You Can Do to Prevent Infection

Fungal nail treatment Adelaide should be sourced immediately after diagnosis, because live fungus cultures are easily spread. To maintain healthy nails, we offer a few valuable tips to our clients. First and foremost, wash your feet! It’s common for people to forget to wash between their toes. It’s equally as important that you dry them well, because bacteria love moist areas. Secondly, we recommend that people trim their toenails straight across, and just below the end of the toe. Use a strong pair of clean nail clippers and avoid rounding off the edges. We also advise that you use an emery board to smooth rough edges. Another tip we offer is to stay away from restrictive shoes, stockings, and socks. Pressure on your nails can manipulate shape and growth—leading to ingrown toenails. Don’t wait until you need fungal nail treatment Adelaide, come to AC Podiatry for advice today.

Our Services

In addition to fungal nail treatment Adelaide, we also manage:

  • Diabetic foot care: diabetes can lead to poor circulation and nerve damage in the feet. This will reduce feeling and slows your bodies response to injury. Our podiatrists will examine your circulation, test reflexes and sensitivity, and look for any general problems that may lead to future issues.
  • Biomechanical assessment: Sporting injuries can occur as the result of biomechanical flaws. This is when the joints and tendons aren’t able to provide adequate support, or the foot posture/movement is poor. We provide rehabilitation to help improve your performance.
  • Corns and callus: corns and calluses occur as the result of excessive pressure on one area of the foot. The body responds by producing hard layers of skin, which can build up and become painful if inflamed.

For fungal nail treatment Adelaide or any of your feet concerns, you know who to call

If you’re worried about the appearance or condition of your feet, come to AC Podiatry for a relaxed consultation. Our goal is to make your experience as comfortable as possible, and to remedy the problem in minimal time. Call us on (08) 8255-5575 for your fungal nail treatment Adelaide and more!