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Podiatrist Adelaide

Podiatrist Adelaide | Trust the Team at AC Podiatry to Take Care of You!

Our Podiatrist in Adelaide Welcomes You

A Few Things You Should Know About AC Podiatry

If you’re looking for a podiatrist Adelaide who actually cares about your problems, AC Podiatry is the right place for you. With us, you’ll never just be treated like a number. We take the time to understand your problem, and tailor solutions to provide long-term support. Our team are multi-disciplinary, because it takes a lot of knowledge to cover the full-scope of podiatry services. For the convenience of our clients, we have 5 connected clinics across Adelaide and the Clare Valley. Being accessible is important to us, and we take active measures to work around your time constraints. We’ve also tried to limit the hassle by adopting an online booking system, maintaining a central location for our calls, and sending out regular SMS reminders in the lead up to your appointment. You’ve finally found the ideal podiatrist Adelaide with AC podiatry!

Our Services

Have you been looking for a podiatrist Adelaide who can address all your concerns in a single visit? AC Podiatry are your one stop shop solution! Our service list covers all areas of podiatry, from general nail care, right through to biomechanical assessment and mobilisation. Here is a little information about some of our treatments.

  • Laser therapy:Laser therapy is an advanced treatment used to conquer fungal nail infections. The laser safely penetrates the nail and attacks the site of the infection. Unlike oral and topical methods which can take 3 months to work, laser therapy takes effect after two 40-minute sessions.
  • Neurovascular foot assessment: Essentially, we undertake a series of tests to ensure the various blood vessels and nerves in your feet are working as they should. To learn more about our services, book a consultation with a podiatrist Adelaide at the clinic closest to you!

Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

No matter which AC podiatry clinic you visit, an experienced podiatrist Adelaide will give you peace of mind. Far too many of us compromise when it comes to healthcare because of the cost. Here are some of the common issues that shouldn’t be ignored:

  • Lower leg/heel/ankle pain: This could be linked to stress fractures, or lack of biomechanical performance. The pain can be debilitating, but there are plenty of solutions available to remedy the problem. We conduct biomechanical assessments to measure the ability, performance and support of your feet. Orthotics and Mobilization are two common treatments that can improve functionality.
  • Nail discolouration: Any sudden changes in the colour, shape or condition of your nails could indicate fungal infection. We recommend seeking treatment before the problem spreads and causes pain! Our podiatrist Adelaide will help you get back on track in no time at all.
There’s absolutely no shame in taking care of your health, and why suffer if there’s a solution right under your nose? Come see a friendly and caring podiatrist Adelaide at AC Podiatry. Our goal is to restore your comfort and confidence long term (08) 8255 5575 is the number to call with any queries. We also have an online booking system which makes scheduling your appointment easy!