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Paediatric Podiatrist Adelaide

Paediatric Podiatrist Adelaide | Taking Care of Your Young Ones

Our Podiatrist in Adelaide Welcomes You

Why should you get your children’s feet checked?

The best part about having a local paediatric podiatrist Adelaide is the peace of mind. Feet aren’t fully developed until a person reaches their teenage years. For females, this is generally between age 12-14, whereas a male’s feet might continue to grow until age 18. The development cycle is different for every individual, and rapid change needs to be catered for. Even if you suspect there’s nothing wrong with your children’s feet, we provide paediatric intervention to prevent issues arising down the track. This might include footwear advice and prescribed orthosis for additional support. We also offer neuromuscular re-education, which is the implementation of a range of techniques to improve your children’s movement patterns. This can improve balance, coordination, and remedy any abnormalities that may increase the risk of injury. For a reliable paediatric podiatrist Adelaide, come to AC Podiatry and let us put your concerns to rest!
paediatric podiatrist adelaide

Common problems that children experience

So, what kind of problems can our paediatric podiatrist Adelaide take care of? Well, the list is endless. Due to their less robust immune system, children are more susceptible to warts. For the AC Podiatry team, this problem is easily rectified using a range of different pain-free treatments. We offer freezing, cryotherapy, acid-based treatments, natural therapies, and surgical removal to effectively rid your child’s warts. In addition to the skin/nail related issues, we also manage problems such as Sever’s Disease and flat feet. Sever’s condition (heel pain) generally occurs in children between the age of 8-13, particularly as they become more actively engaged with sports. While it’s not a major issue, a visit to your local podiatrist will give you peace of mind knowing it’s not linked to something more serious. When it comes to flat feet, our paediatric podiatrist Adelaide can prescribe orthotic devices to restore arch support.

Our advice to you!

Developing bones and muscles need a little bit of extra care, so here’s some advice from our professional paediatric podiatrist Adelaide. Children can experience rapid growth bursts, which means shoes need changed regularly. Small shoes are one of the most common causes behind ingrown toenails, bunions and toe manipulation (hammer toes or crossover toes). We advise that you do a size check every three months as a preventative measure. Our next piece of advice is to immediately address any lumps, bumps or skin irritations evident on your child’s feet. While these symptoms could be harmless, your podiatrist will be able to give you a prompt diagnosis. Poor stability should also be brought up with your podiatrist in case advanced treatments (such as neuromuscular re-education) are necessary. For expert advice that you can trust, come to AC Podiatry. Our paediatric podiatrist Adelaide will take care of your children!
To facilitate the strong and healthy development of your children’s feet, come and visit our paediatric podiatrist Adelaide. Our service has been designed to provide a level of comfort that will put your children at ease. We make the experience pleasant for everyone! Call (08) 8255 5575 or book online to secure your first appointment.