The end of the year is coming, and with that, so is the end of your private health insurance benefits for the year!


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As a valued patient of AC Podiatry, we would like to help you to get the most out of your health insurance benefits before they expire for the calendar year by offering you ALL of the following:

  1. A gap free consultation to ensure your current orthotics are functioning well or determine the need for new orthotics. Poorly functioning or ill-fitting orthotics not only don’t help you achieve your health goals, but they can also even cause injury (valued at $81)
  2. A New Pair of Custom Made Orthotics – hand made specifically to the dimension and function of your foot to ensure the best health outcome (valued at $530)
  3. A free Issue Appointment to fit your orthotics – it is important to ensure that they are functioning at the highest level and that they fit into your shoes (valued at $81)


Normally valued at $692 you receive all of this with no out-of-pocket expense if you have private health insurance!*


Don’t have insurance? Or you have run out of Podiatry cover this year?

No problem. You can get a pair of orthotics for just $300 (normally valued at $530).

This offer ends on the 31st of December so get in quick as these appointments are very limited!

In order for you to avoid painful feet and injury, recover from an existing foot or lower leg injury or if you are experiencing difficulties already, Podiatry can play a key role. To perform at your peak and to get the most from your life, it is critical that your body is performing as best as possible.


Contact us on admin@acpodiatry.com.au or call 8255 5575 and mention this email to claim your offer. Alternatively, click below to book online ASAP.

*minimum coverage from your private health must be $300, for your orthotics to be gap-free.

To book in you can simply:

Book via the booking button below

Call us 8255 5575

Email admin@acpodiatry.com.au

(Please ensure you mention this offer when booking)