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Corns and Calluses

Do you need some professional advice on heel podiatry Adelaide? It’s not uncommon for people to experience heel problems, because they’re one of the main pressure-points when we walk. Our feet carry the burden of holding our entire body-weight, so it’s no surprise that problems arise from time to time. One of the common problems people approach us with are calluses. Because of the extra friction, our body responds by producing a layer of hardened skin to protect the underlying tissues. Calluses can become quite painful over time and often make people feel self-conscious about the appearance of their feet. Our team offer long-term remedies to prevent their occurrence. Another form of callus which we regularly deal with is corns—more concentrated areas of dead skin. The skin is thick, uncomfortable, and makes wearing shoes feel like a chore. Get on top your heel podiatry Adelaide with the team today!

Heel Podiatry Adelaide


If you’re experiencing recurring heel pain, it might be due to the lack of support from your shoes. As experts in heel podiatry Adelaide, we often prescribe Orthotics to counter this problem. Orthotics are inserted into your shoes to align, support, and improve the function of your foot. They’re tailored to suit your individual foot-shape and biomechanics (the way your body moves). Our podiatrists will undertake a full analysis of your foot to make sure we design an effective pair. As well as heel pain, Orthotics help Patella Femoral pain, ankle instability, arthritic conditions, stress fractures, and multiple other problems. If you come to AC Podiatry, we’ll provide you with a detailed care plan, which will outline your diagnosis. We’ll also specify our recommended footwear, and what lifestyle changes you can make to manage your pain issues. Choose us for the best heel podiatry Adelaide and experience the difference!

About AC Podiatry

Heel podiatry Adelaide is one of our specialities here at AC Podiatry. We’re also educated in sports podiatry, diabetic foot care, general nail care, and corn and callus maintenance. The best part about our job is taking care of our local community. We’ve refined our service to make our customers feel as comfortable as possible, because healthcare is far too often neglected. Our clinic boasts a warm and welcoming feel, and our educated staff are there to answer any of your questions from start to finish. The team are on top of emerging trends and technology to make sure we deliver the highest standard of work. We’re proudly affiliated with the Australian Podiatry Association, Sport Medicine Australia, and the Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine. Our large network means there’s always a body of knowledge flowing through our clinic, which we love extending. Call us for your heel podiatry Adelaide!

Our ethos is built on the foundation of patient-centred care. We strive to restore your health, confidence, and comfort in minimal time, so you can get back to living your life. Call us on (08) 8255-5575 and book your first consultation today! We’re the number one choice for heel podiatry Adelaide.